Anyang Women's Agenda (2010)
2013, Alternativa 2013
Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk, Poland

Anyang Women’s Agenda (2010) is a a collaboration between Lacy, local activists, and women politicians in the city of Anyang, South Korea. Seventy five women, representing diverse classes and occupations, participated in impromptu staged conversations on the intersection between gender and key social themes, their bodies forming disjunctive, dislocated, and potentially subversive representations in environments as varied as a recycling center and a swimming pool. Tape recordings of the small group conversations yielded a material roadmap for setting a four-year woman's agenda for the city, presented to the Mayor and Councilmember's in performative convening of 90 people in the lobby of the City Hall.  The initial conversations, sited throughout the city, were photographed and displayed in Anyang’s Hagun Park, which tserved as an outdoor public exhibition for all APAP projects.

Photographs of the Anyang conversations were on display at Alternativa 2013, a visual arts festival organized by the Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdańsk, Poland from May-June, 2013.

Anyang Women's Agenda is available for exhibition and private collections. Please use the contact section on this site for more details.