Tulare - Economies in Central California (2008)
2008, C.O.L.A Individual Artists Exhibition
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

Tulare is a series of photographic and video installations that explore the particular social conditions of the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) where Lacy was born. The area has been called the “Western Appalachia,” based on its rural poverty, immigrant cultures, and land use practices. Lacy focused on the ubiquitous yard sales that specify a series of local and intersecting economies between working class white, Asian, and Latino immigrants. Inserted in this investigation are members of Lacy’s own family and neighbors—their resonance and love-hate relationship with this region. In one installation of this project, Beer Bucket/Champagne Bucket, on stacks of used clothing Lacy illustrated data on stocks that “serve a cash-strapped lower income clientele,” or “beer” stocks, and “stocks that benefit from rapid wealth growth,” or “champagne” stocks, within the context of yard sale photos of lower income SJV residents. 

Displayed as part of the 2008 C.O.L.A. Individual Artists Exhibition at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Photography by Kelly Akashi, video edit by Andy Manoushagian. Los Angeles, California. 

2008, Omage08: The Artists, Designers, and Writers of Otis College of Art and Design, Track 16 Gallery,  Culver City, CA
2009, Your Donations Do Our Work with Andrea Bowers, Sweeny Art Gallery at the University of California, Riverside



Tulare exists as photographic series and video installation. Beer Bucket, Champagne Bucket exists as a photographic series and collection of found objects. Both are available for exhibitions and private collections. Please use the contact section on this site for more details.