Lamb Construction (1973)

Performed twice, once at Womanspace Gallery and once at the opening of the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles, this performance was typical of many performances at that time, a series of images strung together in narrative fashion, including actions, projections, light, sound, and text. Lacy began by reconstructing a lamb carcass, nailing internal organs onto a saw horse and adding a head and tail, as nearby a man, dressed as a woman, made links of sausage from ground meat and hung the sausage from a meat hook on the wall. A long white runner became a tablecloth and dishes were set for the audience. Overhead, beef kidneys swung on long strings from the ceiling. On the kidneys, white and black mice ran up and down the string and explored the kidneys. Two young girls dressed in white brought pieces of birthday cake for the audience. 

Womanspace Gallery and the Woman’s Building, Los Angeles, California.