Mapping The Terrain: New Genre Public Art
Edited by Suzanne Lacy
(Bay Press, 1994)

Departing from the traditional definition of public art as sculpture in parks and plazas, new genre public art brings artists into direct engagement with audiences to deal with the compelling issues of our time. This is the first definitive collection of writings on the subject by critics, artists, and curators who are pioneers in the field. Includes essays by Judith Baca, Estella Conwill Májozo, Suzi Gablik, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Mary Jane Jacob, Allen Kaprow, Jeff Kelley, Lucy Lippard, Patricia C. Phillips, and Arlene Raven.

Mapping The Terrain performance and conference 

Mapping The Terrain, is also the title of a 1991 public performance at the San Francisco Museum of Art and a series of closed discussions organized by Lacy during which artists, curators, writers, theorists and other practitioners gathered to explore and attempt to formulate the history, their individual experiences, and potential futures of public art. Participants, performers and speakers included Juana Alicia, Judy Baca, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Mel Chin, Estella Conwill Májozo, Houston Conwill, Jennifer Dowley, Patricia Fuller, Suzi Gablik, Anna Halprin, Ann Hamilton, Jo Hansen, Helen Harrison, Lynn Hershman, Walter Hood, Mary Jane Jacob, Chris Johnson, Allan Kaprow, Suzanne Lacy, Hung Liu, Alf Löhr, Yolanda Lopez, Lucy Lippard, Leopoldo Mahler, Jill Manton, David Mendoza, Richard Misrach, Peter Pennekamp, Patricia Phillips, Lynn Sowder, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Carlos Villa and more. Many of the concepts in Mapping The Terrain: New Genre Public Art come from the work generated by this event.

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