Skin of Memory Revisited (2011)
2011, MDE 11 Encuentro
Museo de Antioquia, Medellin, Columbia

In 2011, Lacy and Columbian anthropologist,  Riaño-Alcalá, were invited by the Encuentro Internacional de Medellin (MDE) to revisit their work, Skin of Memory (1999), a collective archive and public performance project that sought to cultivate community interaction through local celebrations and a mobile museum stationed in various neighborhoods throughout the city. The result was Skin of Memory Revisited (2011), an installation and public discourse series that took advantage of the reflective space offered by its location at Medellin’s Museo de Antioquia to view the elapsed decade between the two projects through the lens of present day; to consider the current moment and the future for the region; and to revisit the diverse Medellin residents who helped produce The Skin of Memory, thereby creating a fabric of relationality that continues today.

The Skin of Memory Revisited installation consisted of two video projections facing each other: one of the original 1999 performance and one featuring the same participants reflecting on the cultural and political changes of the intervening 11 years. Artifacts collected from over 30 participants of both iterations were displayed on shelves between both projections.