Performance Lessons: Suzanne Lacy Teaches Andrea Bowers Performance Art. Beta Main Museum, Los Angeles,CA 2016


The Main Museum of Los Angeles Art is a new cultural institution dedicated to LA art and artists. Located in the Old Bank District of downtown Los Angeles, Beta Main is the programmatic testing ground for the museum’s 100,000 square foot complex while undergoing construction. The first commissioned project, Performance Lessons: Suzanne Lacy Teaches Andrea Bowers Performance Art, centers on the profoundly influential trajectory of performance art in California between 1968-1980, reanimating and contextualizing this rich artistic history through durational performance, conversations with practitioners and theorists and inquiry on politics and pedagogy. Performance Lessons follows the artists’ nine-day durational installation at The Drawing Center in New York in 2014, where Andrea Bowers taught Suzanne Lacy how to draw. Using the practice Lacy was foundational in forming, roles are reversed this time and Lacy teaches Bowers how to do performance art. Bowers and Lacy will live in Beta Main’s two artists’ studios and work in its street-level gallery from October 30 - November 8, 2016. Each day, Bowers will be assigned lessons, develop performances, and undergo the formal critique process art students undertake as part of their education.

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