Single Editions


Prostitution Notes (1974)

A series of of diagrams on brown craft paper documenting Lacy's research into prostitution in San Francisco and Los Angeles. This project explores the signification of place in Los Angeles to the theme of trafficking sex as a contrast between the initiated and the uninitiated. Created in conjunction with Lacy's project, Prostitution Notes.


Single edition book on dried pig skin, with photos and text. 4 x 5 inches.

Freeze Frame (1982)

Single edition book on furniture upholstery samples, documenting through photograph and journal entries the process of making Freeze Frame, Room for Living Room. Prepared for an exhibition at Long Beach Museum of Art. 

Cancer Notes (1991)

Unpublished graphics and text work by Lacy and Leslie Becker, documenting Lacy's residency at Roswell Memorial Cancer Hospital in 1991. Created in conjunction with Lacy's project, Cancer Notes. 

Signs of Danger (1994)

Set of life-sized metal street signs produced by Cal Trans that converts universally recognized sign images into comments on domestic violence. Collaboration with Gail Smithwalter, Leslie Becker, Annice Jacoby, and girls from Oakland high schools. Created in conjunction with Lacy's project, Auto: On The Edge of Time.

Expectations drawings (1997)

Approximately thirty 4 x 5 inch colored marker drawings (miniaturized from larger drawings) made by pregnant and parenting teens from Oakland during the Expectations project.


Single Editions by Suzanne Lacy are available for exhibitions and private collections. Please use the contact section on this site for more details.