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Suzanne Lacy and Andrea Bowers
2009, Sweeny Art Gallery at the University of California, Riverside, CA

Consisting of a new collaborative performance installation presented alongside the juxtaposition of past works, Suzanne Lacy and Andrea Bowers utilized clothing, fabric, simple public rituals, and community organizing to look at labor, class, race and gender. The works on display included Lacyʼs Crystal Quilt and Bowersʼ AIDS Memorial Quilt project, among others.  Along with previous work, the artists presented a new collaboration, a performative "collection point" for discarded clothing and small household appliances. Those attending the gallery brought bags of clothing that was cleaned, ironed, repaired, and prepared for distribution as part of a barter economy established by the artists in the small farming town of Laton, California. (text source)

On view in the exhibition were Evalina and I: Crime, Quilts, and Art (1975), The Crystal Quilt (1987), Alterations (1994), Beer Bucket, Champagne Bucket (2008) and Freestore in Laton, California (2008)


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